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    Available for all athletes at the sports center

    As a part of the Sports center Vizura in Zemun, there is a modern gym, which takes up an area of 100 square meters.

    Gym is equipped with the latest equpment for professionals as well as amateurs, with the help of professional trainers who provide advice for clients wheather they workout individually or in groups.

    Achieve your goals with professional approach of our instructors:

    • Professional gym", Vizura Sport" of up to 1,000 spectators with all facilities (where currently training BC Mega Vizura - a team that competes in the ABA league)
    • Gym "Small Vizura" adapted for practices and games under categories
    • Lifting room with all professional gear and accessories. In the sport center "Vizura Sport" is also a modern gym, which extends to approximately 120m ². It is equipped with the latest machines for the professional as well as recreational exercise.
    • Medical-center for physiotherapy and rehabilitation with the most modern equipment necessary to carry out the aforementioned activities
    • Fitness room