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    Physio center Vizura is a part of the Sports center "Vizura sport" located in 105 Cara Dušana street in Zemun (Belgrade). Therapies are conducted by highly qualified personnel using the most advanced appartus in the field of physical therapy. We have 33 types of "therapeutic currents" (interference currents, tens, dds, hvt, h waves, current currents, exponential, tarbet, and so on), state-of-the-art laser and ultra-sound, hydrotherapy pool and gym.

    The diagnosis we treat:

    Degenerative changes and illnesses

    • diskus hernias (lumbar and cervical)
    • disk arthrosis, disk protrusion
    • spasm of mice (paravertebral musculature)
    • arthrosis of knees, hip, ankle joint, sake, shoulders, lac ...
    • lumboishialgia
    • fibromyalgia, bursitis, tenditis, entezitis, circulatory disorders
    • Humeroscapular Periartritis (Outbreak Rheumatism, Frozen Shoulder)
    • cervical brahijal and cervical cephalic syndrome

    Injuries to sportsmen and recreants

    • tissue contusion
    • distortion
    • mice rupture
    • inflammatory processes
    • tissue contusion, distortion, rupture of the mice, inflammatory processes, ligament and tendon injuries
    • epicondylitis (tennis elbow)


    • conditions after the fracture of the weave body
    • injuries of the shoulders, knee, elbow, hands, ankle joint, hip ...
    • states after open and closed fractures and fissures

    Power fitness program

    • scoliosis
    • kyphosis
    • flat feet
    • X and O feet ...


    Preoperative and Postoperative Rehabilitation